Online Development Classes with Role Models

Online Development Classes with Role Models

Lockdown conditions are affecting so many aspects of our daily lives and, frankly, staying at home and homeschooling two kids has been challenging in the last two months.

My older daughter Letitia does her homework and gets out for a daily walk or a bike ride.  However, I find it difficult to dedicate time to any development activities with her, as I also need to care for  my younger son.  

Role Models have reached  to see if my daughter would be interested to try their Online Resilience course and we have signed up immediately.  I thought that the course programme is particularly relevant at this stage of the lockdown, when kids start feeling bored, unmotivated and losing focus.

Role Models have been providing Life Skills Education to kids from 2014 and their strategy is based on character education and creative problem solving.

Our course was organised with daily classes for an hour and a half using Zoom platform, which we are all too familiar with now. The groups are kept small so  there is enough time for children to get to know each other over a week and, more importantly, be heard.

The course is a mixture of the material, which is  presented in an easy to understand way, and fun activities, keeping little minds engaged throughout the hour. For example, Letitia did a scavenger hunt, some group work, drawings and discussions. 

After the first class I asked Letitia whether she enjoyed it and her response was extremely positive. I was personally impressed that  Letititia was able to explain  quite complicated concepts of growth mindset and resilience in her own words, which meant she  understood the material. 

Also,  during the week Letitia never mentioned that classes were boring and she would rather do something else. She was genuinely interested in the material and excited to make new connections with children in her group. 

I was  smiling to myself when I saw her applying a bit of  a lip balm before the start of the class. You’ve got to look presentable when you are on the teleconference!

The children in Letitia’s group were dialling in from other countries, not just the UK and I thought this was a great touch too.  During lockdown when social interaction is almost minimal, this was a great opportunity to meet new friends and appreciate someone’s else point of view from another side of the world.

As a parent, you get a summary at the end of the day what material children managed to get through and what activities they participated in. This allowed me to discuss with Letitia what she enjoyed and which  activities were a challenge.

If you have any questions or need advice on the content of the lessons, staff at Role Models is eager to help and provide more information. There is also a Top Tip in a daily summary for parents, which allows us to build on the material and remember some of the motivational phrases, which can be used when the course is over. 

There are a variety of courses that Role Models offer for different age groups and if you are interested to sign up for them, please use my discount code KATYAKIDS25 to get 25% off your booking. 

Disclosure: My daughter was invited to participate in the Online Resilience course , but all opinions are our own.  

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