Cooking Fajitas with Spice Pioneers

Cooking Fajitas with Spice Pioneers

We love trying new foods while travelling! I believe it is the best way to introduce variety of dishes  to kids and expand their food horizons.

When we are home, I try  cooking different meals, for example from the countries that we visited in the past. I like to have a go at Thai curry, Singapore noodles or pasta ala Norma,

Sometimes, I struggle to find authentic spices  to re-create the same taste, or I do not get the proportion of spices correctly, which again affects the taste. Luckily,  I think I found the solution to this problem! The Spice Pioneer came up with an idea of premixed spice blends, which allow to create authentic dishes like Katsu Curry, Fajitas and Peri-Peri Chicken.

I had a go at cooking Chicken Fajitas and the end results was great success with the family. The spice blend is very flavorsome – I could not get enough of the smell , while I was cooking it! The blend is not spicy, which is great for kids. You can always add more chilli to your portion if you like something hotter.

At first sight, the spice box does not look very big, but it is more than enough to make a full meal for a family of 4.

Conveniently, each box contains the recipe for the dish that you are cooking, so it is easy to use as a reference and to make up your shopping list. The recipes are straightforward and the spice box blend means you don-t need to buy 300 separate spice packs, which you might never use again. 

Overall, The Spice Pioneer pods is a great product- fantastic taste and a convenience of having everything ready to start cooking. 

The Spice Pioneer has a tempting selection of Spice Meal Kits, if you want to go on a culinary journey without leaving your kitchen.  You would be able to choose one of them here. 

My spice sets were provided by the Spice Pioneer, but all opinions are my own. 


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