Winter Picnic with Barleycup

Winter Picnic with Barleycup

Some of you have said recently that you are trying to switch from coffee to an alternative drink, to cut down on your caffeine intake. While caffeine does have a number of health benefits for some adults, if you exceed the recommended daily allowance, it might lead to a number of health risks, like raised blood pressure or a feeling of tiredness. I wanted to share with you a caffeine-free alternative, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Barleycup is made from roasted cereal grains and chicory root. It is a natural choice if you are trying to watch your caffeine intake or looking for a healthy drink option for your kids.

Barleycup can be enjoyed hot or cold. The cold option is ideal for summer days, but now is the perfect time to have an indoor picnic with warm drinks, lots of cosy blankets and a fairy tale book!

Drink preparation is so simple, you can even ask the kids to help you.

 I looked up Barleycup’s recipes on the website and the Barleycup with Fruits of the Forest recipe sounded delicious! To make this recipe, you will need:

 3 teaspoons of fruit of forest pulp

4 teaspoons Barleycup

A pinch of cinnamon

3 cloves

250 ml water

Put all of the ingredients in the small pan and heat until almost boiling. Strain into a mug and finish either with a slice of orange or some more fruit.

 I have used frozen berries, which I whizzed in the blender to get the pulp. Also, if you feel that your kids are not going to like warming spices, replace cloves with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

The Barleycup website provides a whole bunch of recipes, which I am looking forward to trying. And Barleycup isn’t just for drinks! You can also use Barleycup as an ingredient in porridge, desserts or breakfast bowls.

It is available to buy from Amazon and Health Food stores, like Holland and Barrett. We have tried 3 kinds: Cereal Drink, Organic and with Dandelion and our family favourite has been the Cereal Drink.

 What I liked most about Barleycup is that it offers a great alternative to tea and coffee with a tempting aroma and mild taste. Also, if you are starting to watch the calories intake after all the Christmas indulgencies, Barleycup contains no added sugars and it is only 10kcals per cup.

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