Healthy Snacks for Adults and Kids: Nim’s Crisps

Healthy Snacks for Adults and Kids: Nim’s Crisps

January will come quicker than I want and after indulging at the Christmas table, I know I will be on the look out for healthy snacks for myself and my family.  I want to share with you a completely natural product, which is entirely fat, gluten and dairy free as well as being vegan certified.

Nim’s crisps are made out of airdried fruit and vegetables, so there is no oil used in their preparation.  

I had an opportunity to try three different products: 

  • Vegetable crisps
  • Fruit crisps
  • Edible Fruit Tea

Christmas dinner inspired vegetable crisps 

I loved their names: Beet and Butts (Beetroot and Butternut Squash), Brussels and Bubble &Squeak (Red Cabbage and Sweet Parsnip).  The crisps were perfectly crunchy and offered a great alternative to fried potato crisps. Brussel sprouts crisps were also the prettiest – they looked like dried flowers!

Edible Fruit Teas

These were my absolute favourite!  The first time I saw the pack, I had a double take, as I never even heard about Edible teas before. Basically, it is an air dried pineapple and kiwi slices, which you would steep in boiling water, drink the tea and then can eat the rehydrated fruit. The rehydrated fruit can be used as a topper for your granola, porridge or a greek yogurt. Genius and very tasty too! 

I used two packets for my infuser and the taste was delicate and slightly sweet, I did not feel I had to add any extra sugar or honey to it. I think the tea would also make a great option in the summer, as you can brew it, cool it down and then have it as an iced tea, garnished with fresh berries or more fruit. 

Kids Fruit Crisps

As for the kid’s choice, there are fruit crisps: apple and pineapple. The packs are great to go into the lunchboxes or taken for a walk when hunger strikes. 

As I already mentioned, all the fruit crisps are done without using any fat, oil, chemicals or additives, so you can be sure that your kids are staying healthy and eating their 5 a day. The taste of apple crisps reminded me of dried apples I used to get as a kid- yummy memories!

More than 80% of the fruit and veg used by Nim is grown in the UK and the majority is sourced within 40 miles of the factory. Nim’s is the brain child of Nimisha, who was inspired after becoming increasingly disenchanted by the lack of suitably healthy snacks on offer for parents and toddlers. 

The whole range can be bought online or at independent retailers. 

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