Product Review: Lost Sheep Coffee

Product Review: Lost Sheep Coffee

One of the prettiest towns in Kent is Whitstable: seaside location, great food and plenty of independent shops and small producers. I was delighted to discover Lost Sheep Coffee, which is roasted in Whitstable and grown in Colombia.

The packaging is lovely, the colours are bright to wake you up in the morning, when you put your first capsule into the coffee machine  (capsules are Nespresso compatible)! While you are waiting for the coffee you can read about the founders story and how much they care about the coffee itself. I have a lot of respect for anyone, who goes extra mile and does not settle just for the average taste. 

And it is not just about the taste. The founders of the Lost Sheep Coffee Stuart and Sarah only use Grade I coffee beans to ensure full traceablility from farm to cup and a consistent quality of your drink.  They trade directly with coffee farms, which allows farmers to be paid fairly for their work and skills. 

I loved the kind-to-the-environment packaging: capsules are fully compostable. Each pack also provides a taste scale, where you can decide whether the taste will be to your liking, a bit like a wine rating but in coffee terms!

As for the taste, my favourite was  Smooth Journey, which delivered exactly what it says on the pack – extremely smooth and chocolatey! I am not a fan of bitter taste coffee, so this one was absolutely perfect for me.

So here we have it – a great tasting coffee in a compostable packaging, which also provides a fair deal to the coffee farmers. It sounds like a perfect combination! 

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