Best Gifts for Travel Lovers

Best Gifts for Travel Lovers
What do you give someone who loves travelling?
A plane ticket would be an obvious answer,  but it is not always possible due to budget constraints. I am saying: ” Inspiration books!” 
These are going to create some wanderlust for your travel obsessed friends or family members. In fact, these books can even help them to choose where to travel next, as sometimes we overlook certain destinations, as we do not know enough about them, while some places stay undiscovered.  
Rough Guides, a well-known travel guide series,  have produced two beautiful editions for 2020, which will inspire any
travel addict not only in 2020, but in years to come. 
“The Rough Guide to the 100 Best Places on Earth 2020” ( 1st edition, published September 2019. Editor: Helen Fanthorpe)  features jaw dropping photography and makes you want to book  that plane ticket straight away.  It is a hard cover book, which you can pick up and get some inspiration from the pictures and short description of such places as Red Square in Moscow or Nusa Tenggara.  This is a definite coffee table book! 
“1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences: Make the Most of Your Time on Earth”  ( 4th edition, published 2019. Editors: Joanna Reeves and Aimee White)  goes further and gives you all the pointers  on where to go exploring next. Each of the experiences described  can be on your bucket list, whether it is trying gourmet coffee in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica  or meteor-hunting in the Sahara. 
If you have already done all the obvious sites, then it is time to move to the next level, and I felt that this book describes a lot of sites, which would appeal to a more seasoned traveler. There is literally 1000 ideas crammed into this book with a brief summary of listed experience and a small reference , which will provide further details on where you can find more information on this place or activity. When I got my hands on this book, I was lost for a few hours!
Another idea is to find out discretely where your travel lovers are going this year and order the Rough Guide to this particular destination. While a lot of us , nowadays, gather their travel information from the web and social media platforms, I always find it helps to take a guide book with you.  A good travel guide will provide useful insights into the history of the country, has all the information in one place and can be a great resource when your phone is not working or there is no connection available. Over the years I have accumulated a fair number of travel guides and I just keep adding to my collection!
Rough Guides  have also just published their annual list of recommended places to go in 2020, so I dare you to have a look at it here and decide where are you going in 2020! 
Christmas and New Year are only a few weeks away, so make sure you are prepared and ready to gift! You can find both books on my Amazon page for easy ordering.  

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