CUVVA: Insurance the Way It Should Be

CUVVA:  Insurance the Way It Should Be

Have you ever gone on holiday and on the way to the airport discovered that actually you forgot to organize your travel insurance?

This happened to me once and I learned my lesson the hard way, as I decided not to participate in any activities like white water rafting, fearing that if anything happens to me, my bank balance would not be able to bear the consequences! Luckily for me, all went well in the end that summer holiday, but since then I am checking my travel insurance the same way I check all my documents/money and confirmations for hotels before I leave for the airport.

I do not have to tell you about the importance of having travel insurance when you go away, especially if you are travelling with kids. You do not just have yourself to look after, but one or two or three active human beings, who do not make any risk assessment before launching into any activities that can end up in an accident.

I was contacted by Cuvva , who asked whether I was interested to try their travel insurance offering, by using the app. I was keen to try, as I organize travel insurance every year and sometimes it is not as easy as it sounds. At times it is boring, at times frustrating when you spend at least 30 minutes on the phone trying to finalise all the details for a family. I had high hopes for Cuvva, who promised me a new kind of insurance! As a first step, I downloaded the app on my phone ,which was very quick and simple, just by searching for the app online.

The next step was to create a profile, which again took only a few minutes and I was able to upload my ID, by using driving license and my phone, no scanning or sending things through the post! Then I selected travel insurance and entered all the data relevant for our family and answered 4 questions about the medical conditions.  This again was smooth and no lengthy forms to complete, which I appreciate. Being a busy mum, I sometimes forget whether I am coming or going and my attention span sometimes suffers, so if I do not do something straight away, I might forget about it. There was no such danger with Cuvva, as I was able to complete all the steps in less than 10 minutes and received the following quote.

For illustration, I have quoted for 2 adults and 1 child for a worldwide coverage, excluding USA, single trip policy for a week at the end of October.  I did not include any additional cover for sport activities or ski cover as we did not intend to do anything active. I also set my own limits for cancellation (£1,000) and lost baggage (£750) to ensure we have sufficient coverage, even though the default option of £500 might be sufficient for some.

I always look out for cancellations, as it is not something I can control, and with kids it becomes an important feature to consider. I also like to cover baggage to the full extent, as the last two flights we were not too lucky and our buggy was damaged twice.

My quote came to £28.56, all within 10 minutes since downloading the app. I did not have to call anywhere, did not have to wait and did not have to go through a list of questions and statements with another person. Also once the payment is processed, you get a confirmation email with the details of your policy and also a contact number in case you need to make a claim.

Simplicity and accessibility are two main things that I noticed about Cuvva app. I was also happy to learn, while using the app, that they put customer experience first and if you are experiencing difficulties or not sure how to answer a certain question, you can message them in the app, and you will be answered within 1 minute 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For me personally, this feature is one of the most valuable ones, as I normally organize all our travel plans in the evening, when majority of call centers for traditional insurance companies have finished work. 

All in all, enjoyable, quick experience and another thing off my list, all thanks to Cuvva.

If you want Cuvva to organize travel insurance for your next trip, download the app, use my code KATYA10 for £10 off your first policy with Cuvva. Then you are ready to go! And because application process is so simple and quick, you can even do it on your way to the airport!

*Cuvva have sponsored this post, however all opinions are my own.

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