Glamping Near London: Home Farm Glamping review

Glamping Near London: Home Farm Glamping review

What are summers good for in Britain? I say camping! Let’s take it up a notch:  a proper bed in a tent, dinner cooked by a chef and served at a table and good old camping becomes a glamorous camping, aka glamping. One night in July, we were invited to dinner and also to see the glamping camp at the Home Farm Glamping. 

The farm is located at Elstree and is easily reachable from the train station. We drove and there are plenty of parking spaces for all the guests at the farm. The campground is one big field with strategically cleared walkways, with tents dotted in a kind of a big circle.  Tents are located at quite a distance from each other , so you would not feel like someone is cramping your style!

Each tent has got a double bed inside and there is also a space for 2 extra beds on each side. A family like ours, 2 adults and 2 kids would fit in there perfectly. Jess, the lovely owner, also told us that a whole tent is sometimes taken by 4 girls for their hen do parties. The more the merrier!

By the side of the tent, there is a little deck area,  table and chairs and a wood burner, if you want to roast marshmallows or do story time. Jess told us, that they are not allowed to build any permanent bathroom facilities next to tents, so the showers and toilets are located in a small building, which is just a short walk from tents.

The farm is perfect for families, as you let the kids try camping, but in much better conditions. You will wake  up to the sound of birds or a cockerel, get out of your tent and start exploring nature straight away.

Every Thursday the farm is hosting the supper club “Under the Oak Tree”. We sat at one big communal table, set under the oak tree (as per title!), and had some nibbles before the supper of Thai curry was served. There were two options: chicken and vegetable curry, and if you have any special dietary requirements, they will be happy to accommodate. You can bring your own drinks and start meeting your neighbours at the table.

As there were other families at the table that night, our kids started playing and within minutes they were running about in the field, but because there are no cars and it is too far from anywhere, you can just enjoy your glass of whatever you are drinking.  The fairy lights come on, the blankets are provided, in case you are feeling the chill, and  conversation is flowing.

The dessert was a very chocolatey brownie and fresh fruit, followed by more chatting and watching the fire.

I can thoroughly recommend Home Farm Glamping to all families, as it is an easy way to get closer to nature and enjoy walking , running or just discovering a slower way of life. If you are interested, have a look at the Home Farm Glamping website, which has got lots of ideas on activities  and booking details.

Home Farm Glamping hosted us for dinner as part of their supper club, but all opinions are my own.

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