Review: Coffeebrewer by Grower’s Cup, the Brew Company

Review: Coffeebrewer by Grower’s Cup, the Brew Company

My absolute treat at the weekend is a cup of coffee, preferably with a piece of cake…. in silence. Once you become parent you start to appreciate simple things in life. You no longer need all-nighters to feel that you are a bright young thing, all you need is a good night sleep, a coffee with friends and a day without tantrums! See how your priorities change?


I was offered to try the Coffeebrewer Gift Box which is produced by the Danish Brew Company. The gift set comes in a neatly packaged box with 5 flavours of coffee to try, I had Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia in my set.

The principle is simple: you open the pack, decide how strong you want your coffee, pour the water  up to a certain limit and wait a few minutes before enjoying your perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

When I opened the first bag, the coffee aroma was fantastic and when I started drinking it, I certainly felt the flavour of the coffee. It is a step up from your usual brewed or French press coffee you can buy in the supermarket, as the ones I tried were just bitter and almost flavour-less.

I have tried adding both sugar and milk to my Coffeebrewer coffee and preferred the milk version, as I thought that sugar taste was taking over the coffee taste. One bag makes up to 300 ml of coffee, which means two cups of 150 ml each. 

The product is nicely packaged, so it will make a great gift for any coffee lover or a friend, who wants to try something different than the classic brands. The packets are also portable, so you would be able to take it to work and enjoy your coffee al-desco!

Coffeebrewer Gift Box was provided for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.

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