How to avoid crowds in Dubrovnik?

How to avoid crowds in Dubrovnik?

We have all been there: arriving in a certain place and discovering that not just you but hundreds, and I repeat, hundreds of other people want to see the same place, try the food at a restaurant or take a picture at Instagrammable location. Dubrovnik is one of those places , especially so in the summer months. 

Here are my three tips on how to avoid the crowds in Dubrovnik Old Town.

  1. Check the cruise ship timetable and try and come on the days when there are no cruise ships in town. Tricky, but probably do-able.
  2. Stay the night in Dubrovnik and either go very early in the morning (before the crowds ) or enjoy the town in the evening when the cruise ships are gone.
  3. Go and visit Dominican Monastery.

Let me tell you more about option number 3, as this is what I have done on my recent trip to Dubrovnik. Located on the eastern side of the old town you will find the Monastery, which is quiet and serene and there is no-one! Majority of people go and see the City Walls, hang out at the cafes on the Stradun or go on the “Game of Thrones” tour. 

The entrance is only 40 kunas (£4.00) and you have a green courtyard and a small museum all to yourself. No need to thank me!

There is plenty of shade as well and an opportunity to explore cool rooms with exhibits on religious art and craftsmanship. There was also jewellery displayed when I visited , if you are not that interested in religion. 

The courtyard is delightful and when the plants are in bloom it makes it even prettier. 

It is so quiet here, you will never guess you are in the middle of crowded town.  Street noise does not really travel here, so all you hear is the sound of your own footsteps or your children delight when running through the hallways or like in the case of Luca, peaceful breathing.

Disclaimer: My ticket to the Dominican Monastery was provided at a media rate, but all opinions are my own.

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