Best views of Dubrovnik

Best views of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a gem. So pretty and stylish, that you will find yourself liking it despite the large number of cruise ship visitors and never ending climbing staircases.

If you take the bus/taxi from the airport, you will see fabulous views of Dubrovnik once you approach it from the road, the harbour and the old city walls startle you so much that you almost short of breath. But how can you repeat this experience while you are still in town? You will get to see the town from a high point and also you can have a nice meal or a drink while appreciating the views.

My advice would be to go on Dubrovnik Cable Car, which you can very easily access from the old town. As I was with the buggy, access issues in the old town of Dubrovnik are a bit of an issue. Some places stayed off the limits for me, as I just could not get there without the help of passers-by. But luckily if you have a pram, you can walk to the  Cable Car station without any stairs by taking Iza Grada street. This will bring you down to the ticket office and the entrance station. The cabins are large and you can take the buggy inside and once you reach the upper station there is also plenty of space for the buggy or your little ones to run around to get their steam off. 

The best thing about this attraction is that the views are so good, it does not matter at what time in the day you go. I would think that mornings are probably quieter and it picks up towards the afternoon, as some people try and make it for the sunset. I went around 6.30 pm and there was a queue at the ticket office, but it was moving well and I did not feel like I was standing there for ages. The views were stunning and the setting sun made the pictures even prettier. On a clear day you can see as far as 60 kilometres around, and let’s face it there are not too many cloudy days in Dubrovnik.

You can also extend your time at the viewing platform by going to the Panorama Restaurant and Bar, they have a bar and a sit-down area, in case you do not fancy a full blown meal. There are plenty of umbrellas to keep the area shaded even if you go when it is still hot. In the evening there were a lot of couples, getting ready for their romantic dinners, and it was lovely to see so many well dressed people.

The hours of operation are great:  from 9am to midnight during summer months, and you can also buy your tickets online if you want on their Official Website.

I urge you to give Dubrovnik  Cable Car a chance and take plenty of pictures of pretty Old Town. It will stay in your heart, I promise!

Disclaimer: My ticket to Dubrovnik Cable Car was provided using media rate, but all opinions are my own.

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