5 Must-try dishes in Seoul

5 Must-try dishes in Seoul

My first introduction to  Korean food was quite predictable:  kimchi,  barbeque and bibimbap. When I bought my tickets to Seoul, I have done some research into Korean cuisine and decided to try the dishes, which I would not be able to find in the UK, as well as try familiar dishes, so I can compare the taste.Here is my list of 5 dishes, which I found the most interesting on my most recent visit to Seoul.


Ginseng chicken soup, where a whole chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng and jujube (type of berry).  The chicken meat is very very tender and the broth is flavorful enough to appreciate on its own. I tried this dish in Tosokchon Samgayetang restaurant and I thought that for such a busy, touristy place, they did a fantastic job. They will also offer you a free taster of their ginseng liquor, but I did not really like the taste, as it was quite bitter.

2. Yukhoe- Raw beef with Asian pear

There is almost no preparation in this dish, literally, it is very thinly sliced raw beef on top of Asian pear and with raw egg. Asian pear is crunchy and slightly sweet, so it gives a good texture alternative to the beef itself. It is also served with garlic and sesame oil with salt/pepper, which you can use as condiments.

3. Korean BBQ.

I could eat this every day of the week – I love grilled meat in any shape or form.  All they do in a Korean restaurant, that specialises in BBQ,  is sourcing good quality meat , marinate it or not, and then offer it to diners for barbequeing on individual tables. Normally, there are plenty of side dishes offered with your meat, so you are able to have a full meal just by ordering cuts of meat that you like.

4. Dumplings paradise.

These beauties can be found anywhere: restaurants, cafes and markets in all shapes and with different fillings. My favourite were  stuffed with meat or  kimchi. The dough is thin, so there is plenty of filling and dumplings alone can easily make a flavoursome meal.

5. Gejang – raw crab marinated in soy sauce

This was definitely the most unusual dish I tried during this trip. The crab is marinated in soy sauce and served raw, just topped with the marinade and some spring onions. Usually rice comes with it and you can put small portions of rice into the crab shell and mix it with crab roe and marinade and eat it like this. The best part for me was crab roe , but raw crab meat was also tasty, it was like a very tender sashimi. 

I hope you enjoyed my selection and let me know if there are any other Korean dishes that you were impressed with!

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