Hello and welcome!

My name is Katya and I love to travel. I used to go away almost every weekend before I had kids but with their arrival and start of school my desire to travel has to be contained within the limits of long weekends and school holidays. Sigh, but it is still better than not travelling at all, right?

Let me introduce you to our family.

My partner is Claudio and Luca is my son,  who has just started exploring the world with us. Claudio shares my love of travel and good food. He is an amazing driver and navigator, pram pusher and family entertainer and I would have been lost without him.

This is Letitia, she is now attending school and always surprises us with her gems of wisdom!

Welcome to our adventures and I hope you find lots of useful information. Please let me know what you think or whether you would like to hear about a particular destination and how to travel there with kids. 

I can be contacted on katyaandkids at gmail dot com.

Enjoy the ride!

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