Enjoying Outdoors with TOG24

Enjoying Outdoors with TOG24
Since having kids, I like to be out and about enjoying the nature, beach walks and easy hikes.
The past year shown all of us that there is so much we can discover in our own backyard. Sometimes a walk with family or an adventure in the wood is all that one needs to get the spirits up.
While jeans and a t-shirt might be my day-to-day uniform as a mum, I prefer something a bit more comfortable when I get out. I want to share my experience with TOG24, a UK brand based in the North Yorkshire.
I absolutely loved the active range with Tech Top and Leggings. This is a perfect combination for a relaxed beach walk or doing your exercise routine. The leggings feel soft and comfortable and the quality of the workmanship  is clearly visible. I loved the pocket at the back, which you can use to put your phone or a set of keys if you are out for a run. 
The Tech Top is equally good, with stylish design and a proper support. Be assured, you dont need to wear another sports bra underneath. 
While this might be a perfect set for the warmer months, when the weather gets a bit cooler, you will need another layer. I can recommend sweatshirts, as they are lined with a warm layer to keep you cosy. There are plenty of designs and slogans to choose from. I went for “Happy” and, needdless to say, I am very pleased with it. 

 TOG24 gives a 1 year warranty on all their products, as they are confident in the quality and want everyone to be happy with their choices. This promise gives me peace of mind and reassurance that the clothes will last.

Having worn these items throughout the summer, I am very happy to recommend TOG24 range. You will not be disappointed and they offer a great choice for the whole  family to enjoy. My advice is to get your gear and get out! It does not matter what season it is,  TOG24 has thought of every possible weather option. 

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