Family Holiday in the Dominican Republic

Family Holiday in the Dominican Republic

When kids are small and parents need a holiday, an all inclusive option is a definite way to keep everyone happy. There is no need to think about cooking and cleaning and there are plenty of facilities to keep little ones entertained from dusk till dawn. It is also reassuring  that you wont need to spend any money on top of what you have already paid for your holiday, so budget is not going to stretch into an overdraft. When I think about all inclusive  breaks, such countries as Egypt, Turkey or Mexico come to mind. However, when my daughter was small I found a great  all inclusive deal in the Dominican Republic and it did not disappoint. 

We took a direct flight from London Gatwick to Punta Cana. With babies and toddlers, sometimes it is worth paying a bit extra for a direct flight to ensure that your holiday time is spent on the beach , rather than waiting at the airport lounges.  Kids are terrible at waiting, we all know that.  If you can get an overnight flight, this works best for little one’s routines, as they can rest and wake up in the sunshine.

Customs and passport control were a breeze and after a short transfer we found ourselves in a beautiful Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino. The nature in the Dominican Republic is breathtaking. Everywhere there was lush greenery, huge palm trees and the ocean as far as an eye can see. 

While our days were spent at the resort, there was no shortage of the activities.  There were plenty of classes for adults and kids, sport activities and dance classes. My daughter loved playing in the kids room when it was too hot outside, but the rest of the day was spent by the pool or in the ocean riding the waves and building sand castles. 

The hotel had endless grounds and some places could only be reached on a little resort train, which we loved using while going for dinner. The variety of restaurants was also great. There were Asian, Tapas,  Fish, Steak and Italian Restaurants to choose from. I was also impressed with the selection of food in the buffet restaurant. Everything was fresh, cooked to order, if you wanted to, and plenty of luxury choices like lobsters and oysters. My daughter loved the fact that she could have ice cream as many times a day as she wanted, while parents appreciated the opportunity to sip authentic Caribbean cocktails in the pool. 

The ocean and nature around the hotel grounds were an absolute delight. The weather was perfect, so we could spend majority of our time on the beach. The ocean was welcoming and the water was that magical azure colour you always see in the holiday brochures.

The sand was white and soft.  My daughter did not want to leave the beach,  playing there for hours and looking for crabs and small shells. I have to say this serenity and beauty took me by surprise, so if you have never been to the Dominican Republic,  definitely put it on your destination list. 

This all inclusive holiday was a first one for my mum, as she never experienced the concept before. She absolutely loved it and the resort was one of the best all-inclusive hotels I have ever stayed in before and after that holiday.  I was so impressed with the resort standard that I would not hesitate to book another Caribbean family holiday in the Dominican Republic, when we need to recharge our batteries. 

We met plenty of local people and they were friendly and loved to have a small talk.  When I got back to London after my vacation, I noticed that  majority of people were too busy to enjoy life. While in Punta Cana, life was more easy going, slow and filled with small joys, like a fresh coconut, dance lesson in the afternoon or a spectacular sunset by the ocean. I can guarantee  that you will come back refreshed and relaxed after your time in the Dominican Republic!

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with the Dominican Republic

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