5 Tips For Choosing a City Break Hotel and Where to Stay in Bucharest

5 Tips For Choosing a City Break Hotel and Where to Stay in Bucharest

I have been on so many city  breaks, I lost count. City breaks are easy to organise: you literally  need to book a flight and a hotel, and you are free to roam once you arrive.

When I am exploring a new city, there are 5 essential tips that I always follow when I choose my hotel. 

1. Location, Location, Location

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial a location is when it comes to city breaks. Usually, you are exploring a new city over the weekend or maybe 3-4 days. You don’t want to spend time travelling miles from  your hotel to the main city area, where major attractions are situated.

When I went to Bucharest for a winter break with my daughter, Hotel New Era definitely fulfilled this criteria. It is located right in the middle of the Old Town,  short walking distance from the airport bus stop and a metro link, if you wish to explore further.

At lunchtime or for dinner we would just walk out and decide where would go for a meal.  Location of New Era Hotel was super convenient and meant that my daughter was not  too tired walking from all the walking around. Children’s feet get tired way quicker than adult ones!

2. Fuel for the Day

I always look for rates which already include breakfast at a hotel. If you want to see many sites on your city break , it means you don’t have much time to linger. And it is essential to eat something before you go on long city walks, or  to a museum. Otherwise you are going to end up with a headache and in a foul mood.

I have tried a couple of times to book a hotel without breakfast and it did not really work for me. It meant that my whole family was grumpy, as we had to leave a hotel in a search of a cafe .  Then a lot of time will be spent ordering, eating and siting about instead of exploring the city.

New Era Hotel has breakfast included in your room rate and what a breakfast it is! Apart from the usual eggs-bacon-toast situation, there is plenty of baked goodies, Romanian specialities, fresh vegetables, salads and yogurts with toppings. Here we had another problem- could not stop eating!

3. Size Matters

When you are travelling with family size of the room is important. When 2 adults and 2 children are squeezed into a 10 square meter room with luggage and children paraphernalia, you will be going crazy in no time! As a result,  I am now carefully checking room sizes when I book a hotel, the larger it is the better. This is particularly important if you are staying in a hotel for a few days.  You want to be able to unpack and have a comfortable and relaxing environment after your days of exploration.

At New Era Hotel you will be pleasantly surprised with room sizes. They also have family size rooms, which is a big tick in my family-friendly criteria book. Bathrooms are clean. large and tidy. 

4.Warm or Cool Room depending on the Season

Comfortable room temperature is something that we might take for granted in a hotel, especially so in winter months.  Try going  on a city break to a usually warm country,  like Spain or Italy,  and you might be surprised that there are no radiators in your hotel room or they are not functioning properly.

Coming from Russia, I am obsessed about being warm in winter months , so while it was not very cold in Bucharest during our visit, New Era Hotel came out as a winner. It was toasty warm  with central heating and we could also make a cup of coffee or tea for that extra cosy feeling.

5.Friendly staff and communication

If you are emailing potential hotel before your arrival and they are not replying- these are the warning signs that they do not care about their customers. Or if you are reading reviews and a lot of people mention that the staff is not friendly, again this would be an alarm bell for me.

When you are in the new city, you will have plenty of questions about places to eat,  directions or, god forbid,  might need medical assistance. I think it is better if you are staying somewhere, where people are happy to help and offer a best solution for your trouble.   They are locals, they speak the language and they know everything there is to know about the city. So make yourself a favour and stay away from people who do not care.

We felt all the love in the New Era Hotel as staff was friendly, helpful and cheery whenever we had any questions. It is a 24 hour reception, so all your needs will be taken care of , no matter what time of the day it is. 

I hope these tips come handy when you are booking your next city break and if you are travelling to Bucharest, definitely consider New Era Hotel as it ticked all the boxes for us!

Disclaimer: We were hosted by New Era Hotel but all opinions are my own. 

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