ACE Winter Refresh Challenge

ACE Winter Refresh Challenge

Are you ready for winter?

The day I start swapping my wardrobe around means change of season is upon us. Sandals and summer dresses are getting packed away, while boots and jumpers are finding their way back into my wardrobe.  Now with 2 kids in tow, this task has to be done for each of them and it is no mean feat.

To cheer myself up during grey and cold winter months, I try to buy some of my clothes in brighter colours. Sadly, colours tend to fade in a wash, but I think I might have found something to fix this problem.   I have recently discovered ACE for Colours Powder and was pleasantly surprised by it. 

In the past, I only ever used powder, which was supposed to make my clothes whiter.  I was interested to try ACE for Colours Powder, as it promised to keep garments bright, as well as gently remove stains, meaning my clothes will last for longer. 

Since trying ACE for Colours, I have noticed that my bright-coloured jumpers came back to life after summer exile at the back of the wardrobe.

Do you know the feeling, when you unpack your winter clothes and realise there is absolutely nothing to wear?  Some of the clothes might go out of fashion or simply do not look bright and new any more.

I will not have that issue with ACE , as it helps to keep the vibrant colours of my winter clothes, meaning I do not have to run to the first shop and restock my entire winter wardrobe. 

ACE for Colours Powder is also great for keeping the school uniform bright and clean. If you have kids of school age and their uniform is not completely grey or black, you will notice that with time jumpers loose their colours and start looking a bit tatty on the seams and high-use areas, like sleeves and around the neck.

My daughter’s uniform colours are red and blue and the several sets of uniform are washed on a weekly basis. Thanks to ACE for Colours Powder, I will be saving a few pounds and not buying new uniform sets for my daughter until she grows out of them. 

My son is a messy boy,  so when he comes back home from a playground or a playdate his clothes are covered in all sorts of stains, whether it is food, paints or grass marks.

I washed his clothes exclusively using ACE for Colours Powder, as it can be used as a daily wash and the stains are definitely disappearing. This is such a relief for me, as I can use his clothes for longer, rather than throwing away stained clothes only after a couple of months,. 

Last but not least, ACE is environmentally friendly and powder packs come in a fully recyclable Tetra pak packaging. It is great to see that they are caring for the environment and helping us to reuse our clothes for longer periods of time. 

This post is an entry to for the BritMums  #AceWinterRefreshChallenge sponsored by ACE for Colours Powder. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper and pick up the range at your nearest Morrison’s store or buy online on Amazon.

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  • I guess stains usually mean happy memories.. I love boots and jumpers but then I love this time of year. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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