Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa: a retreat near Chiang Rai

Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa: a retreat near Chiang Rai

A lot of people, when they go to the North of Thailand stop at Chiang Mai and  visit Chiang Rai area on a day tour. It is quite exhausting to do this trip in one day, as it is a 3 hour drive one way, which means you don’t have much time for sightseeing. I decided to explore Chiang Rai area over three days, so we had enough time to sight see and explore hill tribe villages. 

To give us some much needed relaxation after a day of active exploration, I found an absolute treasure hidden in the Chiang Rai area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is called Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa

After staying there for one night,  my only advice to you is to stay longer – a week,  if you have the time. This resort offers a lot :  whether it is activities or relaxation.  You simply will not have time to appreciate everything fully if you are staying 1 or 2 nights. 

Let me show you our room. All the rooms are located in separate buildings/cottages and two rooms have got interconnected stairs, otherwise you are staying in your own private cottage. 

On arrival,  you are taken to your room with all the luggage in the golf buggy, however all the paths are flat so  during your stay you can walk to your heart content , maybe burning the calories after over indulging at meal times.

I absolutely loved how big the rooms were and the terrace with a mind-blowing view over the surrounding area. When I am choosing the hotel nowadays, I always look at room sizes, as with two kids you want to get as much space as possible. At Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa the room sizes start from a generous 90 square meters. 

The terrace is equally impressive: there was a sun lounger and a table with chairs on our terrace. I could comfortably sit on this terrace for half a day and enjoy the view – it was extremely soothing. 

In the evening we went to try the restaurant.  There is an outside and inside seating areas and helpful staff offered us a mosquito spray, when we decided to sit outside. The menu was varied with both North Thai specialties and western classics.

As Luca and Letitia are not fans of spicy food (yet!),  we ordered spaghetti bolognese for them and the dishes were served in cute plates!

We ordered laab, pork salad with spices and herbs, and a green curry. Both were absolutely delicious and we tried laab at other places afterwards,  but Katiliya’s version was the best we tried.

Our breakfast was plentiful. We chose to sit on the terrace again, only this time we were able to enjoy fantastic views over the valley. There is nothing better than to have your morning coffee or tea and gaze at this green landscape!

For breakfast there was a choice of Western or Asian cuisine. There was everything you might want in the morning from omelettes to steamed buns or congee and fruit salad with home-made yougurt.  I was eagerly taste-tasting different fruit jams as these flavours are not available in Britain. I loved pineapple, mulberry and lychee. 

We spent the morning relaxing in the pools.  Raise your hand if your kids do not like a pool! At Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa one of the pools is heated, which is great in case of a rainy weather.

I love that the hotel caters for all sorts of weather, as there were a few times in the past when we specifically booked a hotel with a pool, but ended up not using it as it was either too cold or the weather was not nice? This is not going to happen here for sure!

Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa also has its own park for walking and hiking, where kids will enjoy over 100 animals with rabbits, deer and macaw.

If I had time I would have headed to the spa, where you can experience the art of famous Thai massage. 

If you want to explore the area, you can hire a car with a driver at the hotel and see Chinese village at Mae Salong, go to Chiang Rai for some temple hopping or visit beautiful  Choui Fung tea plantation. 

We had such a relaxing time at Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa! I  only wish we had a bit more time to spend at Katiliya. If you are in the area I highly recommend staying there and enjoying the nature, relaxation and food.

We were guests of Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa, but all opinions are my own.

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