Review: Procoal Marine Moisture Sheet Mask

Review: Procoal Marine Moisture Sheet Mask

What is your favourite activity on Friday night? Mine are masks, bath tubs and wine! What about “going out, restaurants and socialising with friends” I hear you say. I am a parent, remember? Restaurants will have to wait for the next 18 years!

I have a slight obsession with sheet masks, which I like to put on on a Friday night when kids are in bed, pour myself a glass of wine and pretend I am in a beauty salon. I have been sent Marine Moisture Sheet Mask by Procoal London to test, so this was my task last weekend.


As you probably guessed from the mask name, it is made from charcoal.  I recommend that you either put it on when no-one else is around or warn your family that you are going to look a little bit different to your normal self. There is one mask in the packet, you need to peel off the backing sheet and apply on your face, straightening out the mask  as much as you can. Then you have to find a quiet space, relax and let powerful ingredients do the work. 

While the mask will not get any awards for pretty appearance, it will definitely get major points from me for the moisturising effect. The skin looked bright, felt smooth and full of moisture! What I also love about the mask is that once you take it off, you don’t need to wash your face or remove remnants of the mask, you just have to gently pat your fingers on your face to get the rest of the mask absorb into your face. 

I was really pleased with mask effects and how my Friday night turned out. If you want to try the mask as well, use this link to get 20% discount on all Procoal London products.

Procoal Marine Moisture Mask was gifted to me but all opinions are my own. 

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