Review: Lapland Letters

Review: Lapland Letters

When I was a child, I used to get super excited when I got a letter through the post. A letter for me? Wow! Nowdays letters are mostly bills, formal notifications and documents, so no excitement here. But this week we got a special delivery from Lapland! Addressed for Letitia from the North Pole. Was she excited to open it? You bet!


Lapland Letters are like a touch of magic, if your child still believes in Santa Claus or Father Christmas, whichever way you prefer to call the Old Man. You will need to do some preparatory work to ensure that when your child receives the letter it is full of personal details and little touches. 

A simple form on Lapland Letters website need to be completed, where you will provide some personal details, like the age of the child or the name of their best friend. When the letter is composed, all of this information gets incorporated into the letter in a nice, encouraging way with magical wishes from Santa. I loved that you can also add a special message, which will be included in the letter, as if coming from Santa himself!

When Letitia was reading the letter, she was really excited: “How does Santa know who is my best friend? ”  and “How does he know I am speaking Russian?” It fills your heart with joy when you see their reaction!

Together with the letter you can add activity pack , which will include:

  • Door hanger that your child can decorate or colour in
  • Magic Reindeer food 
  • Good Child List certificate
  • Wishing Stars
  • “Santa, Stop Here” poster
  • Christmas Card

The letter and all the materials in the pack are very well presented and colourful. Letitia could not wait to start with her colouring in activities  and is planning to give her Christmas card to the grandparents.

I also think the Lapland Letter will make a great keepsake for the years ahead, I will certainly keep it to remind Letitia about the magic of Christmas, when she is a bit older. 

You can place your order on and the letter will be dispatched from North Pole to your child pretty quickly. 

It is only 11 sleeps to Christmas! Who is getting excited?

Disclaimer: I received Lapland Letter and Magical Extras free for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own. 

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