Spa Experience: Ironmonger Row Baths, Old Street, London

Spa Experience: Ironmonger Row Baths, Old Street, London

On a rainy afternoon in November, I set off to experience the Thermal Spa Experience and Gold Turkish Delight treatment at Ironmonger Row Baths, which are not far from the Old Street station in London. 

The Baths were easy to find and I was directed to the Spa area once I arrived. You are asked to complete a health questionnaire, if you have not visited this spa before. You are then provided with the bag, which contains your robe and towel, and you will also swap your shoes for flip-flops. I loved the fact that everything was provided, so you did not have to carry these things with you on the way to the spa.  The only thing you have to bring with you is the swimming costume as facilities are mixed.

Afterwards you go straight to the changing area and get yourself ready for the Thermal Spa Experience. There is so much to choose from and you can easily spend there 2 hours or more. I had my treatment booked after Thermal Spa and for me this worked really well. I relaxed first and then the treatment followed, otherwise if the treatment was done first I might have been too relaxed  to enjoy the Thermal Spa experience to its full capacity. 

You can choose from 2 steam rooms and both are nicely scented with Orange and Lemon or Eucaliptus and Mint. The temperature was just right inside, not too hot and there was plenty of steam as well. Then there are 2 saunas, and a selection of rooms with warm air, so you can rest there between sauna or a plunge pool or warm up your muscles.


One of things, that you can do in Thermal Spa, is to change the temperature to the extreme. You can go to sauna first and then either have a refreshing tropical shower or jump in a plunge pool  (which was cold and I did not have the bravery to try it) or you can even use a massive splash bucket to shower yourself with ice -cold water.

My absolute favourite bit was the relaxation room, as it had subdued lighting and you can lie in your robe under the blanket for extra cosiness, sipping your mint tea or snacking on some fruit, which were provided. After staying in sauna and steam room for short intervals and then having tropical shower, I went to relaxation room to daydream. Oh and did I mention that they also have an ice bucket, where you can take as much ice slush as you want and scrub yourself with it? Very refreshing!

Tilly, the beauty therapist has collected me from the relaxation room and started doing her magic. My treatment was called Gold Turkish Delight and it included a full body scrab, massage and 9k Gold Facial, all of this lasted for slightly more than an hour.  They have a special Turkish Hammam room with two slabs of marble in the middle. If you ever been to a Turkish hammam you will know what I am talking about.

Tilly used black soap all over my body and then asked me to go to the steam room for a few minutes to allow the soap to penetrate the skin better. Then she used a mitten to scrab everywhere and get rid of dead skin cells. I was then asked again to go to the sauna to sit for 5 minutes, after which Tilly washed off remainders of the soap and got me ready for massage.

Massage took place in a different room, which was calm and serene with relaxing music in the background. Tilly applied oil and did a full-body massage, which was then followed by a facial. I can’t describe how relaxed I felt afterwards, definitely a go-to treatment for busy working mums. Some time for yourself and your body wellbeing.

My skin was so smooth after the massage, I swear it was almost like baby skin to touch. My face was  so radiant, it looked healthy and glowing. Of course, this is all due to Tilly’s technique, she must know all the secrets, as whenever I do a spa evening at home by myself, I can never achieve the same results. I also  liked Tilly’s manner as she was very friendly and checked with me whether I was feeling ok at all stages during the treatment, making sure I had the best possible experience. 

After the treatment I went back to changing rooms and was pleased to discover that not only there were powerful hairdryers available, but also hair straighteners! 

Overall, I thought that Ironmonger Row Baths offered the best of both worlds: you can relax in the Thermal Spa as much as you like and then follow up with a selection of treatments. The space is nicely organised and everything is provided, so all you have to worry about it the swimming costume. I will definitely be back!

Have you had an amazing spa experience recently? I would love to hear about it!

Disclaimer: My visit was hosted by Ironmonger Row Baths Spa Experience, but all opinions are my own.

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