Traditional Dance Show in Kandy: Kandy Lake Club

Traditional Dance Show in Kandy: Kandy Lake Club

If you want to learn more about traditions and culture of Sri-Lanka in an entertaining way, I suggest to attend a cultural dance show in Kandy. The show will also be interesting for children, as costumes are bright and colourful and acrobatic elements will keep your little ones pinned to their seats. 


We had a chance to attend the dance show at Kandy Lake Club and it was a delight for the senses! Even Luca, who is not able to hold his focus for too long, was mesmerised by sounds and movement and sat through the whole hour of the performance without any squeaking. 

The venue is situated up the hill from the lake and you are most likely to be brought there either in a taxi or a tuk-tuk. At the entrance, you can pick up a leaflet about what dances are going to be presented with a short description of each dance and its meaning. The descriptions come in a variety of languages, which I thought was very helpful. 

I also liked the fact that the show starts at 5pm, so it is not too late and my kids were still alert and able to enjoy the performance. All too often, some performances are scheduled past kids’ bedtime, so we have to give them a miss until the kids are a bit older. 

Kandy Lake Club has got an open auditorium and a small bar, where you can order a cold drink before the performance. 

The whole performance lasts a bit more than an hour and there is a short interval in between. We saw about 10 dances all together, with music played by the drummers and there were also a couple of songs. The costumes are very colourful and some of them are elaborately decorated. It was fascinating to see the ladies dancing, using particular gestures and movements. When men were dancing, there were plenty of acrobatics and one dance required a certain skill from the performers. Letitia literally had her mouth open and kept asking me “Mummy, how did they do it?!” 

At the end of the show there is a small demonstration of fire walking, which again was unusual to see.

I thoroughly recommend Kandy Lake Club and its performance, the whole family will surely have a good time and learn a bit more about cultural heritage of Kandy and Sri-Lanka as a country. 

They also have a helpful website, where you can book tickets for your performance.

Disclaimer: We were given a media rate when attending the show, but all opinions are our own. 

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