Product Review: Cookies, Tea, Satay Sauce and Granola

Product Review: Cookies, Tea, Satay Sauce and Granola

I have a confession to make: I love food and I love trying new products. When I do my weekly shop, I usually have a list to help me along the way, but once the list is complete, I will choose a couple of things I have not tried before. UK supermarkets are Aladdin’s caves in terms of product selection and  they are also trialing new products to see what their customers like. Usually, I would buy products without looking at the label, but recently I started to notice that many products will have so many ingredients that should not be there. So I started to pay attention to the ingredients list, if there is a massive list which has got lots of E-numbers and things that I do not recognise, I probably will not buy it. Just an example: if you take a loaf of packed bread have a look at the list of the ingredients and ask why is it so long, bearing in mind, that bread should really only contain yeast, flour and water. 

I want to start a series of blog posts where I will be reviewing products, which I buy myself and these products will be of a “no-nasties” kind. They might not be very healthy as I do like my cookies now and again, but hopefully it will give you some ideas on what to try. I would also be very interested to hear if you discovered anything in a supermarket or your local shop, which is worth spreading the news about. 

1. Yeo’s Satay Sauce £2.00 for 270ml

First up is the satay sauce, which is a great find for around £2.00. All the ingredients are natural and there is not an E-number in sight. The sauce is great for marinating (there is a recipe on the the jar, which I have tried and it works beautifully with chicken) or you can just prepare chicken skewers in the oven and dip them into the sauce. It is delicious and the jar dissapears after two dinners. 

2. Fox’s Viennese Buttery Swirls

They are just biscuits, I can’t say that I was blown away by the taste, but if you like to have a biscuit with your tea, they will serve you well.

3. Lizi’s Strawberry Granola at £3.50 for 400g

It is easy to make granola yourself and maybe next time I will have a go at it. The best that I liked about this product is the colourful packaging, but we are not eating packaging, are we? The granola itself was ok, the strawberries were dry and did not reconstitute in milk to the full extent. I would not buy it again, as it quite pricey for 400g.

4. Pukka Tea Herbal Collection £2.00

Organic tea, which does not have any additives or unnatural ingredients in its contents. Unlike, for example, T2 teas, which are starting to open lots of shops in the UK. Design and appearance of products  is fantastic, but if you look at the list of the ingredients, it is not that natural. With Pukka tea I went for Herbal collection, as it allows you to try 5 different kinds of tea in one pack. You can decide which one you like most and then buy more of this particular kind. So far my favourite is Elderberry and Echinacea. I will definitely buy it again.

Let me know what you think about this post and whether you want to see further reviews again. 

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