7 Essential Tips on Visiting Burj Khalifa with Kids

7 Essential Tips on Visiting Burj Khalifa with Kids

Dubai is full of superlatives: they have the world’s tallest building, the world’s only seven star hotel, the biggest golden ring in the world and so on. Dubai aims for superior quality everywhere and usually achieves it. 

On our recent trip to Dubai we wanted to visit Burj Khalifa, which is officially recognized as the tallest building in the world, measuring 830 meters in height. It equals to almost 3 Eiffel Towers placed on top of each other.

1. Book in advance

Book your tickets online if you can and at least one month in advance, to ensure that you get the time you want. The allocated time slots for the sunset probably go fastest. If you don’t book online, you will discover that it will cost you twice as much if you buy your ticket on the day. 

2. Have lunch in Dubai Mall before your visit

Burj Khalifa entrance is next to Dubai Mall (the largest shopping mall in the world, in case you did not know! ), so we had lunch in the Mall first and then went on to explore. It was a good strategy as kids were fed and happy so no-one was throwing tantrums. 

3. Book a quieter slot in the afternoon

If you are visiting with kids, I suggest to go for the quieter time slots in the middle of the day, that way you will not have to stand in another queue, which sometimes forms once you pass the ticket gates. Also, once upstairs there will be more space for you to take pictures and for your kids to run around if they want. 

Once you enter inside, you will be able to see how Burj Khalifa was built and the timeline for the works. Then you take the lift, which is usually a bit crowded, and arrive on 124th floor. If you buy the VIP ticket,  you can go up even higher, but in terms of the view I do not think it is making much of a difference, you already high enough, believe me.

4. Bring a baby carrier

If you have a baby and they are still not walking think about how you are going to manage, as they do not allow to bring buggies to the top. We brought a baby carrier and then also allowed Luca to run around, when he got bored sitting in the carrier.

5. Is it worth it?

Admission for 2 adults and 1 child (babies are free) worked out as £75, which seems a bit much for a couple of hours, but once you get to the top, the views are worth it. I have been to a few skyscrapers with a view and Burj Khalifa did not disappoint. It is the sheer distance you are able to see from the top. Photo opportunities are also plenty. You will see that there are Burj Khalifa staff positioned at the great viewing points taking pictures of tourists – don’t be afraid to use the same spot for your own pictures while it is vacant.

6. Go on a clear day if you can. 

Dubai weather is usually sunny and it is worth checking the forecast before you book your tickets, as going on a hazy or cloudy day will certainly take away from the experience. 

7. Finish off with a walk and a coffee outside.

To make your visit complete, come outside and enjoy the walk by the Mall. There are not many places in Dubai where you can walk and enjoy the surrounding area outside, but this is one of them. The views are great, the music is piped through the speakers, there are plenty of cafes and you can also see a fountain show closer to 6pm. 

I hope you enjoyed my tips on visiting Burj Khalifa with kids. Have you been and were you impressed with the tallest building in the world?

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